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Scene of Rock Music in France

In around 1970 Alan Stivell's Breton folk rock had arrived in France together with French punk rock that came from varied bands like "Metal Urbain" and "Stinky Toys". Together are some progressive rock bands like "Shylock", "Magma", "Pulsar", "Ange". However this course of French rock music went through an alteration within the 1980's. As the political culture turned together with the boom of the youth culture. Though there have been many bands at that point, but the names like "Telephone", "Noir Desir" and "Phoenix" lead at the top of the French rock music scene.

Rock 1on1 - Metal Urbain.png
Metal Urbain

In 1976 a band known as "Telephone" was started by Jean Louis Aubert, Richard Kolinka, Louis Bertignac and Corine Marienneau. In 1977 they released their self titled debut album and at one decade later, they found themselves as the most successful rock band in French that were around. They played as the opening for Rolling Stones concert and also the band managed to remain within the spotlight for quite someday before they broke up in 1986.

Rock 1on1 - Telephone Band.png

"Telephone" was arguably the best rock band that France ever had. They play music in the kind of mixture between British and American rocks musc style. However then this band hasn't become a very successful bands only for nothing. Aubert could be a utterly gifted songwriter and his lyrics accommodates metaphors and imaginary puns. He also has a very unique vocal characteristic which supplies the whole band their identity.

Rock 1on1 - Noir Desir.png
Noir Desir

Another good French rock band to note was "Noir Desir" that came from Bordeaux. This band was active throughout the time of the 1980's, 1990's until about early 2000's. Managed 2 albums that went double platinum and additionally 3 that were certified as gold. Sadly they disbanded in 2010. Initially they called themself as an indie rock type of band. So maybe they were stunned at the success that that they had attained within the mainstream. However despite all of the large sell outs their music was continually committed, abrasive and sometimes can be experimental.

Rock 1on1 - Phoenix.png

Then there's a band, "Phoenix". With their alternative rock style of music, they won 2009 Best Alternative Music Album Grammy Award for their "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" album. This Versailles band was founded back in 1999. They released their 2 singles, "If I ever feel better" and "Too Young" from the album "Untitled" in 2000. The later was also the soundtrack for the award winning movie "Lost in Translation".

There's many other good bands, good French rock bands. But some that mentioned above are few of the very famous top French rock bands among them.