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Rock Music Is Dead? Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters Answers

In the awe of signs of music's slow-motion death including its rock genre, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl appeared determined to stay rock relevant as he head-banged his approach through 3 performances at the Grammys Sunday night.

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Foo Fighters

Eric Clapton Journey

Few guitarists, if any, are as influential as Eric Clapton. When he was very young, he learned the riffs of blues masters like Freddie King or B.B. King, also Albert King to Buddy Guy, and of course Robert Johnson, among others. He then combine this encyclopedia of blues licks from what he learned together with his own original phrases, he developed a mode that has become the template for many blues/rock guitar players in the world.

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World Great Guitar Players

Most people are quite enchanted by the magic of guitar. The sweet tingling or piercing sound of the guitar strings have enamored several a person who has later moved on to become musical legends in their individual niche. there's a roster of famous and successful guitarists who have mastered this enigmatic art of music.

Rock 1on1 - Jimi Hendrix.png
Jimi Hendrix

60s vs 70s Music War

The 60's and 70's created a number of the simplest music ever created. Thanks to the political and social things round the world and therefore the speedy development of music and music technology at that point, bands and rock stars became megastars and helped form society as a full. The question is: is it true that that decade created the simplest music?

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Jimi Hendrix

Rock Guitar Ingredient

It’s tough to essentially outline what Rock and Roll music is, or where it extremely started, however Rock and Roll is unquestionably when guitar taking part in as we have a tendency to currently realize it started.

Rock 1on1 - Bill Haley and Elvis Presley.png
Bill Haley and Elvis Presley

Rock Pop Music

Rock pop music may be a kind of common music with an impressive vocal melody usually instrument dominant by guitar, drums, and bass. Several types of rock music additionally use keyboard instruments like organ, piano, mellotron, and also, later, synthesizers. Some different instruments also commonly used like harmonica, harp, violin (for example in some art/classic rock band as Kansas) , flute (trademark of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel of Genesis and some others), banjo, melodica, timpani, etc. Rock pop music normally encompasses a sturdy back beat, and infrequently revolves round the guitar. They could be solid electrical, hollow electrical, semi hollow or even acoustic guitar.

Rock 1on1 - Kansas.png

The Advent Of Rock Music

Rock 1on1 - Elvis Presley.png
Elvis Presley

As we all know it, rock music - in all of its forms - has been around for years. Many people point to the 50s as start years because the advent of rock with the emergence of Elvis Presley. Though not performing ‘rock’ as 'Rock Music'  as we all know it today, Presley is credited as being a pioneer of rock and roll.