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The Advent Of Rock Music

Rock 1on1 - Elvis Presley.png
Elvis Presley

As we all know it, rock music - in all of its forms - has been around for years. Many people point to the 50s as start years because the advent of rock with the emergence of Elvis Presley. Though not performing ‘rock’ as 'Rock Music'  as we all know it today, Presley is credited as being a pioneer of rock and roll.

This Elvis Presley's ‘New’ music caused a stir amongst the music trade and outrage amongst some oldsters as his risque dance moves shock people at that time.

In the 60s rock music evolved rapidly when four lads from Liverpool came to the limelight. The Beatles are one in every of the foremost successful bands of all time and within the Sixties Beatlemania gripped the world!
Rock 1on1 - The Beatles.png
The Beatles

The 70s saw the appearance of 2 sub genres of rock - glam rock and punk rock. each had their roots firmly in rock music however they were terribly completely different type one another. Punk rock was regarding rebellion and anarchy with bands just like the Sex Pistols at the fore front of the movement.

Glam rock was a lot of experimental and saw the like of David Bowie lead the approach. Make up, glitter and platforms were the fashion of selection.
Rock 1on1 - David Bowie.png
David Bowie

By the 80s rock had evolved even more rapidly, assisted by the ever growing mass publication media like MTV. One in every of the most varieties of rock within the Eighties was soft rock. Power ballads were very popular at that time and massive hair style was the order of the day. Bands like Chicago, The Police and Mr Mister were setting the tone.

Rock 1on1 - The Police.png
The Police

There was conjointly a darker, a lot of aggressive rock on the scene with bands like Black Sabbath gaining coverage.

Towards the tip of the last decade we have a tendency to saw a lot of US rock bands - significantly shoe-gaze rock bands - return into the scene. The term shoe-gaze was coined from the approach of the lead singer of such bands would perform on stage, typically observing his feet!
The 90s saw indie rock take the spotlight. whereas pop was dominating abundant of the records charts, A genre called Brit pop - a type of indie rock emerged and fierce chart battles ensued.

Rock 1on1 - Nirvana.png

Grunge rock was conjointly massive within the Nineties with bands like Nirvana reaching the highest of the charts.

2000s saw indie rock back on high as Arctic Monkeys from the United Kingdom and Kings of Leon from the US still dominate the music trade.

Rock 1on1 - Arctic Monkeys.png
Arctic Monkeys

A rock band typically includes one or a lot of guitarists, a drummer and a bassist in conjunction with a lead singer. Of course there's no hard rules about this, for instance the rock band Keane originally had no guitarists except for the foremost half this format is followed.

Rock music is one in every of the most important and most successful genres of music within the history of the music trade and if recent record sales are something to travel by it shows very little sign of dropping that claim.