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60s vs 70s Music War

The 60's and 70's created a number of the simplest music ever created. Thanks to the political and social things round the world and therefore the speedy development of music and music technology at that point, bands and rock stars became megastars and helped form society as a full. The question is: is it true that that decade created the simplest music?

Rock 1on1 - Jimi Hendrix.png
Jimi Hendrix

The 60's

Counterculture within the 60's saw several sides of rebellion of society standard social norms and no more so than within the world of music. New genres of psychedelic rock music created a number of the best musical icons in history and became a testament to the current decade.

The Beatles – you recognize them, you most likely love them. The Beatles was the primary pop band and created a revolutionary sound that has influenced music and culture ever since.

Jimi Hendrix – Arguably the best soulful playing electrical guitarist and another new revolutionary sound founder in music history and has significant influence on the manner within which individuals use the guitar. His ingenuity has greatly affected serious rock, blues, funk and even hip-hop.

The Rolling Stones – With concerning fifty five albums and thirty two prime ten singles The Rolling Stones are one in all the simplest selling rock bands ever.

Bob Dylan – He has been an icon in common culture for five decades and was a significant accent of the civil rights movement and therefore the rising counterculture revolution. Bob Dylan has massively influence countless genres of common music.

Rock 1on1 - Bob Dylan.png
Bob Dylan

The 70's

The 70's saw a death of a number of the 60's greatest stars (Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison - all at the age of 27) and ushered in an exceedingly rise within the popularity of sentimental rock and, later within the decade, in an exceedingly response to the current, hard rock.

Pink Floyd were marked jointly of the foremost influential bands within the 70's progressive rock era. A critically acclaimed and industrial behemoth, Pink Floyd has created a number of the foremost prized albums in history, the concept albums 'The Dark SideOf The Moon' and 'The Wall' among their greatest.

Rock 1on1 - Pink Floyd.png
Pink Floyd

Led Zeppelin – one in all the founders of hard rock and heavy metal, heavy guitar riff driven rock have influence legions of metal and rock bands to the current day. The band disbanded in 1980 when the death of their, arguably the best drummer in history, John Bonham. But in some ocassions they were reunited as in Live Aid Concert 1985.

Rock 1on1 - Led Zeppelin.png
Led Zeppelin

Black Sabbath – the foremost influential heavy metal band of all time, outlined the genre within the 70's. They helped ignite many great bands for the genre like Slayer, Judas Priest, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden and Megadeath.

Rock 1on1 - Black Sabbath.png
Black Sabbath

The Ramones – the primary punk rock cluster ever instigated the punk movement and influenced each punk band ever since, and - whether you agree with it or not - were cited in Spin magazine in 2002 who wrote that they are the second most influential band in history, right behind the Beatles.

Rock 1on1 - The Ramones.png
The Ramones


The debate goes on. The comparison to modern-day music and entertainment may also be created. It's not possible to settle on that of those nice decades was higher as each have helped outline practically all music within the following decades. Some would say that no decades since have match the two eras in music. But others also say the same thing about their own era. 80s era for example. but obviously that's another story.