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Woodstock 1969, A History in Rock (part 4)

It was obvious to everybody that on Sunday, the Woodstock festival was winding down. Most of the people left throughout the day, leaving concerning one hundred fifty thousand individuals on Sunday night. When Jimi Hendrix, the last musician to play at Woodstock, finished his set timely Monday morning, the spectators was right down to solely twenty five thousand.

Rock 1on1 - Jimi Hendrix Woodstock 1969.png
Jimi Hendrix, last performer on Woodstock 1969

Woodstock 1969, A History in Rock (part 3)

The music started up once more shortly when noon on Saturday with Quill and continued non-stop till Sunday morning around nine am. The day of psychedelic bands continued with such musicians as Santana, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, and also The Who.

Rock 1on1 - Woodstock part 3.png
This is how it felt to be in the Woodstock 1969, at noon...

Rock 1on1 - Woodstock 1969 at night.png
...and at night

Woodstock 1969, A History in Rock (part 2)

The declaration of a free concert had 2 dire effects. The primary of that was that the organizers were progressing to lose huge amounts of cash by putting on this event. The second impact was that as news unfold that it had been currently a free concert, an estimated one million individuals headed to Bethel, New York. Police had to show away thousands of cars. It’s estimated that concerning five hundred thousand individuals truly attend the Woodstock festival.

Rock 1on1 - Woodstock part 2.png
Woodstock 1969, Backstage View

Woodstock 1969, A History in Rock (part 1)

The Woodstock festival was a three-day concert (which rolled into a fourth day) that concerned millions of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll - and plenty of mud. The Woodstock Music festival of 1969 has become an icon of the Nineteen Sixties hippie counterculture.

Dates: August 15-18, 1969
Location: Max Yasgur's dairy farm within the city of Bethel (outside of White Lake, New York)
Also Known As: Woodstock Music Festival; An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace and Music

Rock 1on1 - Woodstock 69 Aerial View.png
Woodstock 1969, viewed from helicopter